Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I gotta tell you, if I never married my husband I would not be the person I am today.  This amazing group of people, that I love calling my family has encouraged me in ways I would have not understood other wise.

It all started with quilting.  Yes, I did go to college and got a degree in Fashion design, but back then I was a one minded, tunnel vision type of person.  I believed back then (11 years ago) that if you go to school for one thing you need to stick with it and do it for the rest of your life.  I always thought I would work for the rest of my life.

Any way,  after getting married to my amazing husband, which was a whopping 4 months after we met (he purposed two weeks after we met),  my sweet mother-in-law introduced me to quilting.  And my love of crafting began.      

 This is my first quilt ever.
 A Log Cabin quilt.  

This went to a boss of mine, for his firstborn child.  I wanted to give him something unique and special.  He introduced me to dental assisting and taught me everything I needed to for the job.  He taught me form scratch so to speak.   

This was my second quilt.
I learned to miter corners.  It's not as hard as you would think.  You just need a good book to show you how. I used "Happy Endings" by Mimi Dietrich.  And I'm sure there are tutorials out there too.  This quilt went to my co-worker for her first baby.

Here is my third quilt.  
And this went to another one of my co-workers for her first born son.  
Yep, now that I could do this I was giving my quilts away to people I would probably never see again.       

 This was my fourth quilt.
You guessed it, I gave this quilt away too.  This has been my favorite quilt.  And the quilt that made me swear not to give my quilts away to anybody but family and good friends that I at least am in contact with.

It was hard to part with this beautiful quilt.  I almost didn't give it to whom I was going to give it to. 

This came out of Debbie Mumm's "Just for Fun" quilt book, which I can't find at the moment.  I know it's in one of those tubs that has all my to be finished (or started) project tubs. 

This is my fifth quilt.
I made this one for some friends (that I am still in contact with and see from time to time.  Although it's been too long now sense I've seen them other than via facebook.  

This one was my sixth quilt.  

This quilt went to my amazing father-in-law. 
YAY!!! It stayed in the family. 
All the above quilts have been from patterns.  This one was my own doing. 
 Well, the blocks in the middle are called "Card Trick",  I made them from a book called "Around the Block" by Judy Hopkins.  But the arranging is my own doing, and the quilting.  I've always done my own quilting on my quilts.

 The Unfinished Stories
The following quilts are quilts I have not finished yet.  Most of them have been sitting in tubs waiting to be finished.
It's been a little over 5 years of those quilts just waiting to be loved on.  Each year I say this one but it never happens.  I've come a cross blogs who challenge other bloggers to use the stash of Crafts they already have and not go out and buy any.  That is a great idea, and if I didn't need to buy stuff for Teacher Appreciation week and my weekend Scrapbooking Retreat I would be all for it.  Maybe I can challenge my self in a couple of months.  I would love to see my quilts out and being used. 

These are a couple of quilts my husband has made.  
His motto:
 "A family who sews together, stays together."  

He did a great job.  The top one was his first. 
I'm so blessed to have him!  

After we were married a few years, he told me his dad had told him before we got married that......

"it is more expensive to pay a shrink then to let them buy crafts".  

I just love my father in law for planting that little seed in my husbands head.  Although, in my case a shrink might have been cheaper.  LOL!!!!!!!

Mamita's Next Thing:

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and I may not be back till after.  There's lot's to do for those amazing teachers that teach our children. 

Oh and I have a cupcake deadline for this Friday.  

I am going to try to document what I do along the way so I can share. 

See you Soon! (so to speak) 


P.S.  If you're wondering if the basement "My Studio" is completely done yet...... Well it's not..... I've been keeping my husband busy doing other thing. 

I just can't think of what that is right now.

Have an great week!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

On this morning I am thankful for 
the beauty that surrounds us.  
This was our view just outside our window.  Takes my breath away every time I see this tree.  

Today also marks my one year anniversary of my baptism.  One year of professing my belief in Christ and letting Him change my heart.   
There is still more changing and molding He needs to do in me. 
My life has been more 
beautiful with my LORD and Savor Jesus Christ in it.  

And life goes on.......
And my freedom in Christ continues. 

I finished my son's Easter basket!  Yay!

My children woke up to their Easter baskets with little buddies in them.  The baskets were waiting for them on the table just as you see here.  My son carried his for all half of the morning.  It was funny that they didn't notice them at first.  I had to point them in the right direction.

What of the rest of our Easter?

Needless to say, we had to postpone Easter Dinner.  


Well let me tell you...... We were sick, again.... yes, again.  

All last week it was passed on from my daughter , to my husband, to my son, to my husband, and just when I thought I was safe, it hit me, and all plans went out the door.  So it was decided to have Easter dinner next Sunday.   
My husband really wanted to enjoy his dinner.

We had a little egg hunt and spent time with family and called it a day around 5pm.  We stuck around the house, not wanting to spread this stomach thing we had.  
My Children had a blast with their Grandparents and their aunties.
(those brave souls) 

Ok, now I'm really tired of being sick.

Are we done?!!!!

I really want to be......
 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


Mamita's Next Thing:

Come back and see because I haven't decided yet.  Oh wait, I know, getting myself and my family feeling better.  

No really,  I haven't decided what to do yet.   There's a lot going on in this head of mine.....

Can any one give me some more time in the day?

.....because 8760 hours is not enough, oh yeah, plus 24 hours for leap year this year.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Basket


I'm still here. (just barely) 

Seems like for ever sense I've been able to post something.

And guess what?.......  My family got sick again.  Luckily we are all back in good health.
I hope we are finished with the icky sicky season.  I don't think I can take another two weeks of it.  Yuk!

What!!!!?  Easter is this Saturday!!!!  No way,  it's too early, and I'm not ready.  Ugh!   I wanted do do so many things but am running out of time super fast.  Oh well.  We do what we can...... right?

So, a week ago I had this bright idea of making Easter Baskets for my children and I've got one done.

Here it is.  My daughter is ready for Easter and a good thing too........

She had an Easter egg hunt with her "Curious Twos" class today.

Here she is looking for Easter eggs and picking flowers.  She had a wonderful time.  And the sun was shining.  It wasn't yesterday, it was raining and gloomy. 

Here is a picture of our gorgeous tree just outside our window.

Happy Spring Everyone!


Mamita's Next Thing:
 Getting ready for Easter and making a basket for my son.  I'm off to do so now.   Not sure what else I'll get done. I'm cooking a leg of lamb for the first time so we'll see how that turns out.  I'll be sure to share.  And to all of you who are making Easter Dinner...... Good luck and Buon Appetito! (Italian for good appetite/Happy eating)