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Drafting a Simple Pattern for an Apron

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Today I'd like to share with you (again) "Drafting a Simple Pattern for an Apron" as posted at  "Robyn's View".  

Drafting a Simple Pattern for an Apron

Have you ever felt frustrated with aprons that don't cover as much as they should?
Want the apron to cover more in the font? 
Or maybe you want it longer or shorter.

Well, today I am going to teach you how to make your own apron pattern and 
you'll be able to make the front part as wide as you want.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?!
OK, let's go ahead and begin:     

 You will need:  

     *(here I have a piece of one I got at Michael's for my kids to draw on.  But for the most part I like to use dotted marking paper.   Or you can piece together multipurpose printer paper to the size you want.  In this case you will need some tape also.  
36" metal ruler ( I like to use my 48 inch metal ruler)
Collins Quilt and Sew Ruler 2 inches X 18 inches
*the Collins ruler is clear to help you match up other lines to make right angles or parallel lines.
Tape measure
Something round that you can use to trace with 
And a big area to work on (kitchen table)

* you can make due with the paper, pencil and ruler, but the other tools will help a lot.


 1.  Using your tape measure start by measureing how wide you want the top of your apron to be.  Measure at the armpit level on your chest.  I'm using 11 inches.  Make sure you use whole numbers on all measurements.  It will be easier that way.

2.  Measure the length you want it to be.  Measure from were you want the top of your apron to be to how ever long you want it to be.   I'm a petite 5 ft. 1in. tall so I am going to use 32 inches long. 

3.  Measure the length from were you want the top of the apron to be to your bellybutton.  This is about where you will tie your apron in the back.  You can go lower if you'd like.  I measured 13 inches.

4.  Measure your waist at your belly button.  Mine was 36 1/2 inches.


Ok, now the fun part.  Drafting that pattern.  

1.  Cut a long pice of paper 6 inches longer than the length of your apron.  I cut mine at about 43 inches.   Decide were your top will be and label it "top".

2.  With your pencile and long ruler, make a straight line close to a side edge of your paper, using the length measurement of your apron from top to bottom (measurement #2).  Mine would be 37 inches.  Try to center the line as much as possible.  Add three circle clusters on top of the line (the side away form the edge).  The circles let you know that you will be placing this edge at the fold. 

 Like so.......

3.  Next we are going to take the width of the top of your apron (measurement #1) and cut it in half.  So, my measurement was 11 inches, cut in half is 5 1/2 inches.  5 1/2 is the measurement I am using,  yours may be different.  

4.  Now, using your clear Collins ruler you want to make a right angle at the top of the line you just drew on your paper.  Using the clear ruler match up one of the ruler lines at the top of your long line.   Draw a line the size of your measurement.  Mine was 5 1/2 inches.

Your pattern should look like so.  Two lines at a right angle.  Write an "A" at this point.

5.  On the length line, mark the measurement of the top of your apron to your belly button.  Measurement #3.   Mine was 13 inches.

6.  Take your waist measurement (measurement #4), take 6 inches off, and cut it in half.  So Mine was 36 1/2 - 6 = 30 1/2 inches.  Half of that is 15 1/4 inches, but to make things simple I used 15 inches.

7.  Using your clear Collins ruler, draw a right angle at the bellybutton mark the same size as your measurement.   Write a "B" at this point (see diagram below).

OK, Let's start to connect the dots.  So to speak.

8.  Draw a right angled line from Point A to the point B line.  Just like the pink line in the diagram.  Write a "C" on this angle.

9.  Using your something round, round out pint C.

10.  Let's close up the bottom of the apron.  Make a right angle line at pint B.

11.  Close up the two hanging lines by making a right angle from the fold line.

And you are done with the basic shape of your apron pattern.

Let's add pockets

In order to properly place them on your apron you need to properly place them on your pattern.  

How wide do you want your pocket to be?
How deep do you want your pocket to be?

12.  Make a line 4 inches below point "C" using that same line to measure from.  I decided I wanted my pocket to be 5 inches wide.

13.  Next draw a right angle on that same line making sure that it's 4 inches from the fold line.  You would draw the length you want your pocket depth to be.  I chose 6 inches.

14.  Go ahead and finish the pocket.  Adding dots at each corner about 1/4 inch in and circle them.  you will be using a pencil or an awl to mark these points on your fabric to place the pockets.

You'll need to add a few more things to your pattern but your pretty much done with it.  

15.  Before you cut out your pattern you want to add the "Grain Line" to it.  This tells you how the pattern needs to be positioned on the fabric.  And after you put your grain line in you will want to name your pattern.  I named this one "Apron A".  Another thing you want to add is how many to cut.  the "C/1" means cut one.

And now you can cut out your pattern.  

It should look something like this.  

Making the pattern for your pocket

Now lets make that pocket pattern.  You can trace the one you made on the pattern and add 1/2 inch seam allowance. Or you can draw a new one up, using the same method we used to mark the pocket on the apron pattern on a separate piece of paper.  Then add 1/2 inch seam allowance.  For the top of the pocket you want to give your self 1 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Add the grain line and Title.

Your patter will look something like this.  Go ahead and cut it out.

One more thing

You will need to measure how much bias tape you will need to finish the edges. The side and the top.  You already know the measurement of the top, just add 2 inches more to give you enough slack.  When you get your measurement for the side of the apron you will want to add 4 inches.  You will need to cut two strips.

Measuring at the curve

To measure the curve on the apron I use my tape measure and place it right up agents the edge on the pattern curve.  When they match up, I place my finger nail or a pencil or something with a point on it and I pivot until it matches up again.  Keep pivoting until you get to the end.

My Measurements for the rest of the pattern

These measurements are meant to be cut straight from the fabric using a quilt ruler and a rotary cutter.

Bias tape for the side of the apron:  cut 2 strips  2"(W) X 48"(L)

Bias tape for top of apron:  1 strip 2"(W) X 13"(L)

Bias tape for ties around the neck

Ties: cut 2 strips 2"(W) X 30"(L)  ( you can cut them longer if you'd like)

And that is the end of making your pattern for your apron.

I hope you enjoyed making an apron pattern. Visit my blog again soon.  Sign up for a free email subscription.

Mamita's Next Thing:

I have finely finished sewing up the apron for this pattern, that was one of the things I got to do last week.  And am starting to put together my post.

I plan on showing you how to modify your apron pattern, and we need to talk about fabrics in the next coming weeks.

There are many options coming up.  So sign up for free email subscription if you haven't yet.

And go out and get some beautiful fabric for your apron!  

Have a great day!


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