Thursday, March 22, 2012

Charm Party Tote

Hi Every One,

It's been about a week sense I've been able to post anything, maybe longer. 

Like I mentioned on my last post, my little daughter was sick and only wanted mommy, and with that, mommy became sick as well.  But not too sick to work on something.

Last week I started this Charm Party Tote pattern designed by Penny Sturges of  I got the pattern as a gift from my Sweet Mother-in-law when I was venturing on my idea of making totes for friends.  Well needless to say those didn't get made, but I did finish this tote yesterday (for me, that was on Wednesday).  I was so excited, my first tote ever.  I think it turned out pretty good. 
If I do say so myself.(smiley face)

If you'd like to see more of Penny's designs click here

It was nice and relaxing for me to make this tote.  The instructions were easy to follow.  You use a charm pack to make it.  I didn't have a charm packet so I cut my own squares, which was meditation time for me, never forgetting the measure twice cut once rule.  It was my first time working with fusible Pellon fleece, and let me tell you..... I love it.     

I can't wait to make my next tote or bag or.......the possibilities. 

If you are thinking of making something new and different for you, I say go for it!  You'll have that much more experience making it.

Have a great Weekend!


Mamita's Next Thing:
I was very inspired by making this tote, and I will show you what I made on my next post.  It will be a tutorial......... (Monday) 

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