Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vision almost complete

 Well, It's been a few busy days trying to get the basement in order, and I think we finally got it to a place where I can actually CREATE. 


There are still things to do, but it's at a place where I can be happy.  I can wait on getting the installation covered.......

but the curtain has to go up.  Should be an easy thing. (ha ha ha, famous last words)
Any body need some thread?
 I have lots and lots.  There are 7 more cones behind the jar.  I can't use having no thread as my excuse to sew something.  he he he! 

So when will the insulation be covered?  My husband says, "After the garage gets organized".  I say, " Oh, Brother.  Two more weeks."  Oh well,  at least I can use my stuff. 

 Future Project
I have plans for this wall.  But for now I am going to leave it just as it is. 

Mamita's Next Thing:

I've been talking to my husband about making cloth napkins for us to use everyday.  They don't have to all match, but I will be making some that do match so we can use those for company.  Although, there is a restaurant here in town that has cute clothe napkins that don't match.  I was so inspired by all the fabric that I have (which I didn't show in the pictures). I think I have somewhere between 7 to 10 tubs full.   And yes, I still have projects dancing in my head. 

Have a great Sunday!


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