Friday, February 24, 2012

Basment Improvments Continue

 So, there's this corner where my hubby built a closet that I had to manipulate and cut the fabric so it would fit.  And so I cut it out and, I was thinking about binding it but instead I just folded it over and sewed it. 

 Not my best sewing but no one is going to see it unless they know it's there and want to see it.  Any way.
I sewed all four panels together yesterday and got some thumbtacks on clearance, and I thought the colors were pretty.   I also hemmed the fabric today.  I used the thumbtacks to attach the fabric to the top.  I didn't take the time to hem the top because boards will be going up and they will only be lying there to cover the installation.  So far the fabric is staying up.  I also attached the Velcro to the fabric.    
 And this is what it looks like.  It reminds me of a retro wall paper.  It's a good thing purple is my favorite color, any shade or tint. 

Well that's all for today.  I hope you all have a good night and until next time. 

Mamita's Next Thing:
My hubby promised to put the shelving unit up tonight.  So Tomorrow I will be putting up the rest of the fabric on the other wall, and doing some organizing.  But I think I may go ahead and treat you to something new.  I'm thinking Cupcakes and piping with chocolate for Sunday.


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