Monday, February 27, 2012

Basment update

Well, it's been an interesting couple of days that includes:
Yesterday: My 2 year old little girl breaking a maraca, and did you know that some of those little suckers have lead beads in them?  
Yeah, we didn't either.  
So, because my little girl is so fond of putting things in her mouth and we didn't know if she had, we called poison control and they had us call her doctor the next day. 

Today:  One vistit to the doctor, two x-rays and a phone call later, the doctor told us she was clear.
She didn't swollow any of those lead beads.

On a lighter note, I finally put up all the fabric.  Don't know how much we'll get done until Friday.  
My husband is taking Friday off.

Well hope you all have a great night!

Oh, yeah,  I finally was able to move things around so I could do laundry.  That happened this weekend.

And there are NO cupcakes left. 
Sorry sis!

Mamita's Next Thing:

Finishing the basement so I can create.  Although I may have to move to the kitchen or just work with what space I do have I think my kids need something fun to do.  


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