Monday, February 20, 2012


This year for my son's valentine party I created bags for all of the kids at his school (25 + 3 teachers and my daughter).  Phew!  I got the Idea from last years Scrapbook etc. magazine.  The original was a small Valentine Robot card.  The body was made with a mini chocolate bar wrapped with a cute paper and a whole lot of tiny pieces.  This card I made last year.  I know CRAZY!  I made So this year I went big, and when I can't get an idea out of my head I have to go for it.  

I know Valentine's is over, but there's always next year.

 This idea can be changed to accommodate your celebration just change the bag color and some of the decorations on it and your good to go.  

 28 bags all in somewhat of a row


This explosive candy was a popular Valentine to give this year.  There were a lot of really good ideas out there but not crazy enough for me....... so I compiled and made these.  

What I did:
1. I wrapped the pop rocks pouch with a 3"X 6" piece of printed scrapbook paper.  I used a 12X12. 

2. I made the You Rock Tags, printed, cut and glued on top of the wrapped paper.  I had my son sign his name on the computer so then I could just copy and past as many as I needed.  This way his writing energy could be used to write all of his friends names on the harts.  

I am happy to share these printables with you, so long as:
*You ONLY use them for  PERSONAL USE.
*You DONOT re-sell, redistribute, or claim them as your own. 
* If you post this on the internet, credit must be given to Mamita's Nest Thing and linked back to my blog.  
Thank you!

Mamita's Next Thing:

I am about to embark on a huge task of remodeling my basement.  The catch is, we are renting and can't do anything permanent.  Meaning we can't paint, build to cover any walls that require drilling into the concert wall, put in walls.  Yes this will be interesting but I have ideas....  MUAHAHA!   

So, come back and see what I do.  I will be posting updates as I progress in this endeavor.  

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  1. Congratulations Lola! This looks wonderful - can't wait to see what's next!